How BlueTube Can Help

Be a hero in your community
Be a hero in your community

Why should my business sponsor BlueTubes?

Your BlueTube sponsorship will result in clean beaches, cleaner oceans and help fund scientific research on ocean plastic. Sponsoring a BlueTube is also a great way to grab the attention of beach-goers. Your business logo goes on each BlueTube you sponsor, and your business is mentioned on this website. You can sponsor a BlueTube for $160, tax deductible.

How can I sponsor a BlueTube?

You can purchase BlueTubes for your favorite shore here.

Email potential sponsors this informational flier

My town wants BlueTubes at their beach crossovers. What’s next?

The BlueTubes will need sponsors. All sorts of beach lovers and businesses sponsor BlueTube. Talk to potential sponsors about BlueTubes and pass on this informational flier. We would be happy to answer any questions they have.

Request permission with this informational flier

Can I sponsor a BlueTube anywhere?

You can sponsor a BlueTube wherever permission has been granted. We already have permission from a number of towns and counties. Contact us  and ask. If we don’t have permission, let’s get it! Tell the jurisdiction responsible for the beach about BlueTubes and email them this informational flier. They can contact us with questions. We can also put them in touch with other towns that love their BlueTubes.

How should I send my business logo so it can be put on the tubes I am sponsoring?

Your logo should be 3″ x 3″ with a minimum of 300 pixels per inch (or 900 pixels by 900 pixels minimum).  Please email your artwork as a jpg or png to

Download and get the word out

How can I help get the word out about BlueTube?

Here’s an informational flier on BlueTube. Please copy, print and post freely, online and off.

My condominium association would like to get a BlueTube for our beach crossover. Is this possible?

It sure is. You need permission from the condominium association to put up a BlueTube, and the BlueTube will need a sponsor. Contact us if you need help.

Students earn hours
Students earn hours

I am working towards becoming an Eagle Scout. For my Eagle Scout project I would like to bring BlueTubes to my town’s beaches. What do you think?

Terrific idea! You will need to get permission from your town and find businesses to sponsor the BlueTubes. We can help. Contact us.

I am a high school student and need community service hours. Can I earn hours by adopting BlueTubes and keeping them filled with bags?

You bet! We love our volunteers! Contact us for more information.

I would like to donate bags to the BlueTube at my beach but bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

Good job! You can still donate bags though. Apple bags, potato bags, rice bags, neighbor’s bags will all work as long as they are clean.

Will raccoons pull plastic bags out of the BlueTube and add to the garbage problem?

No. As long as the bags do not have food in them, raccoons will leave them alone.

Will the wind blow plastic bags out of the BlueTube and add to the garbage problem?

BlueTubes were observed under head-on, high wind conditions. All bags stayed inside tubes. BlueTubes were tested in the Hurricane Chamber at the Orlando Science Center. All bags stayed snug inside. BlueTubes were tested during Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and again in Hurricane Irma in 2017. Our volunteers reported that bags stayed inside the BlueTubes. They were there to help in the cleanup efforts too!

More BlueTubes mean more people can help remove more plastic more often
More BlueTubes mean more people can help remove more plastic more often

I pick up trash. What else can I do to help?

Do you know of a business that might be interested in sponsoring BlueTubes? Tell them about BlueTubes or contact us. Do you know of a town that would benefit from BlueTubes at their beaches? Tell them about BlueTubes or contact us

It’s also important to think about the plastic we use. Will it last long after its useful life is over? Do we really need it? Is there a better alternative? Can the plastic we use be reduced? Reused? Recycled? Please reuse your clean dry plastic bags by donating them to BlueTubes.

Funding Sea Education Association Research
Funding Sea Education Association Research

How do BlueTubes fund research on ocean plastic pollution?

A portion of the proceeds from each BlueTube sponsorship goes to the Sea Education Association to support their research on plastic in the oceans. SEA has been sampling the ocean for plastic since 1986. SEA students and scientists have towed thousands of nets along the ocean surface in the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean Sea from one of their two research ships (SSV Robert C. Seamans  on left). Each piece of plastic debris from these tows is counted and preserved, and this data is used for further research. SEA scientists do research and publish on a variety of plastic related topics including microbial communities on plastic, the effects of wind on vertical distribution of plastic in the ocean, plastic accumulation in the oceans and the source of ocean plastic.