I was at a dinner party recently talking with a group of women, when Holly said, “Did you hear that drinking out of straws causes wrinkles?” Really? I had to find out more. A quick internet search revealed that straws are not the only culprits. Drinking from water bottles and smoking also causes wrinkles.

Any repetitive movements, like lip puckering, can cause wrinkles. Lines formed by repetitive puckering form “smoker’s lips.” But you don’t have to be a smoker to get these lips. Sucking on cigarettes, through straws or out of bottles all require contracting the muscles around your mouth. If you pucker enough, the lines will stay. It’s true! My mother was right when she told me, “If you keep making those weird faces, your face will get stuck like that.”

There are treatments for smoker’s lips. They involve Botox, fillers and sometimes knives. It is best to avoid smoker’s lips in the first place though by not smoking, not sipping from straws and drinking out of glasses, preferably the kind you can use again.

This brings us to trash on the beach. If your beach trash looks like mine, it is full of cigarettes, straws and bottle caps. Bottles are made from PET plastic that sinks, so the bottles I find on the beach have been recently left there. The caps from these bottles float, and they may have been left recently or washed onto the beach from far away. Bottles, caps, straws are not biodegradable and persist long after their useful life is over. The same is true of filtered cigarettes, and most cigarettes have filters. The filters look like cotton but are actually cellulose acetate, a form of plastic. Cigarette butts may not be recognizable once they wash out to sea, but the plastic in the filter remains for a very long time.

People are motivated by different things. Some are motivated to help keep beaches clean, keep plastic out of our oceans and avoid single-use plastic. Others aren’t. But they might be motivated by avoiding wrinkles. So the next time you’re at a party, spread the word – the best way to avoid pucker wrinkles is to say no to straws, plastic water bottles and cigarettes.