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Use the BlueTube™ at Your Beach

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Enjoy the Beach and Put Trash in Its Place

BlueTube™ is self-sustaining, simple to use, and effective.

Use It

Learn how to use BlueTube™ to keep your beach clean. You can even adopt a BlueTube™.

Tube It

Learn how public and private beach access owners such as condominium associations and city, county, and state parks and recreation departments can grant permission to have BlueTubes installed on your beaches.

Sponsor It

BlueTubes everywhere are awaiting a great sponsor like you. Learn how your generosity can make a positive impact on our environment.


So Simple to Use

Blue Tubes are placed at dune crossovers so visitors to the beach can easily take a bag, pick up trash and throw it away in garbage cans already provided. Visitors supply bags when the tube is empty, and the cycle continues. Once installed at a beach, BlueTube™ requires no organization, no maintenance, and no money. They work all the time and are there when they are needed most.

Our beaches are littered with weathered plastic that has washed ashore after heavy onshore breezes. It’s hard to predict when this will happen.  Typical organized beach clean-up days require a lot of organizing and are relatively infrequent. They are planned in advance and do not always coincide with heavy loads of plastic on the beach. Beach clean-ups are good for the environment. BlueTube™ is even better. 

BlueTube™ beach clean-up is ready when you are.

Hear from BlueTube Users

Hear from BlueTube Users