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 Put Trash in Its Place



Use It

Grab a bag. Pick up trash. Toss it in the garbage. Donate your plastic bags to the BlueTube™ on your next visit. It’s that easy.

Tube It

Before we can tube a beach, we need permission. Tell your local government or condominium association about BlueTubes. Pass on this website.

Sponsor It

Sponsorships at beaches make BlueTubes possible. Learn how your generosity can make a positive impact on our environment.


Lend a Hand

BlueTubes Make it Easy


BlueTubes are bright blue, easy to spot containers that hold plastic bags. They are placed at dune crossovers so visitors to the beach can easily take a bag, pick up trash and throw it away in garbage cans already provided. Visitors supply bags when the tube is empty, and the cycle continues. Once installed at a beach, BlueTube™ requires no organization, no maintenance, and no money. They work all the time and are there when they are needed most. We can have clean beaches and keep plastic out of the ocean. BlueTubes are ready when you are.


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